Mums’ tactics for brainy babies revealed

What mums do to ensure their baby goes to the top of the class


More than a fifth of parents admit they’ve tried to harness their child’s intelligence during pregnancy and the first year, a new study reveals.


In an effort to ensure their baby gets off to a good start, 76% of pregnant women polled admitted to eating specific ‘brain boosting’ foods while pregnant. Plus, just over a third of the mums, who all had at least one child under the age of 3, said they often read their favourite newspaper to their bump.

Of the 1,171 mothers polled by, 43% said they believed the route to success lay in playing classical music to their newborn. Keeping things traditional, more than half of the new parents said they opted for classic novels instead of kids’ books at bedtime (poor Winnie the Pooh!).


And it seems mums really are putting their baby’s intellectual needs first, with 29% of new mums revealing they read the dictionary aloud to their baby.

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