Have you seen this mum’s simple technique for burping her baby?

Aussie blogger Young Mummy's trick to a successful burping sesh has gone viral...


Burping your baby is one of those things no one ever really teaches you, right?


Eventually, you just kind of figure out how to get it done, and from then on you’re golden if you just to stick to what works ?

Before then, though, it can feel a bit like you’re flailing around, listening to them cry and stir, trying different positions in the hope you’ll finally get that loud, satisfying burp from your little one.

Aussie mum blogger Sophie Cachia, aka Young Mummy, knows this feeling all too well, and has taken to Instagram to share her method for burping in the hope of helping other mums.

“This is my fool proof way I’ve burped both of my kids,” she wrote. “I completely stumbled across it by pure accident with Bob, but it worked for him as a newborn, so I did the same method with Flossy.

“Simply [so it’s definitely not always SIMPLE, sometimes they arch their back and you need to use some gentle-but-firm mummy/daddy love to hold them in place] sit them on your lap and bring their knees bent in like so, and lift their arms up to about a 90-degree angle.

“I’m not sure if it’s because it straightens their back or opens up their body more, but I find my kids have just magically burped this way.

“They need to be calm though and body relaxed – hence the dummy because Flossy was screaming the roof off seconds before as she’d finished her bottle.

“BY NO MEANS am I preaching that my way is THE way to burp and telling you YOU MUST DO IT (don’t we hate those people!?!) – I’m just offering some assistance & tips to try for new mums who may be struggling in this field – I know I certainly did before accidentally doing this ??

“If worst comes to worst and they won’t settle, it’s because my kids are still hungry. Don’t worry about how much you read your baby should be drinking, listen to YOUR BABY.”

When we first saw this story a few days ago, we have to say we weren’t 100% convinced about how useful it really was.

Until we saw dozens of mums flock to the comments to say just how helpful they found it, that is!

Indeed, bending the knees and raising the arms horizontally is one brill method to try if you’ve had no such luck getting there on your own.

Thanks for sharing, Sophie ?

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Images: Instagram/Sophie Cachia

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