Two mums have shared important choking hazard warnings for toddlers and young children, after revealing terrifying x-ray images showing a penny and an uncut grape lodged in their children's throats.


28-year-old mum Kayleigh Porter told the Hull Daily Mail the distressing story of her 1-year-old daughter Skyla, who began choking on a coin.

Kayleigh didn’t know Skyla had swallowed a coin when she suddenly began choking, foaming at the mouth and bringing up bile.

But fortunately, her first aid training kicked in and she tilted her daughter and then hit her back in order to resume her breathing.

The paramedics arrived and rushed Skyla to hospital, where it was eventually revealed via an x-ray that a penny was obstructing her throat.

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Kayleigh admitted to the local paper: "The doctors were in absolute awe at how blocked it was. Everyone thought it was a £2 coin or a 2p coin - no one thought it was a penny.”

It can’t have been easy for Kayleigh to share her story - but we’re so glad she did. It’s certainly an excellent reminder that coins need to be kept out of reach of little hands.

And Kayleigh also made it known that her first aid training helped with the life-threatening situation, as if she hadn’t known what to do in such a scary situation, she may not have been able to stop Skyla from choking before an ambulance arrived.

We’re just glad she’s doing OK now ?

Blogger Finlee And Me shared a similar story, with an x-ray that showed a full grape trapped in the airway of a 5-year-old boy, the son of one of her readers.


She took to Facebook to share the shocking image, along with a message for parents everywhere:

"Attention Parents! Do you know what this X-ray is of? A grape!

"A grape that was lodged in the top of a 5 year old's airway today.

"This sweet soul had to be operated on, under general anaesthetic to remove the grape.

"He is VERY lucky that part of his airway was open or else this could have ended badly.

"So please be mindful that not all kids chew their food, are in a rush at school to get in the playground etc. Please be careful. And when in doubt just cut the damn grapes, baby tomatoes etc.”

While many of us already know the uncut grapes are a choking hazard for little ones, we reckon that reminders are always welcome.

And for those who aren’t 100% sure of the safe way to slice a grape, the key is to slice lengthwise rather than widthwise into halves (for older children) or quarters (for small babies).

Images: SWNS, Facebook/Finlee And Me

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