Myleene Klass – conceiving baby No. 2 wasn’t easy

Mum-to-be TV personality talks about her second pregnancy, and how she thought she might need IVF

Myleene Klass has revealed that falling pregnant with her second child was an uphill struggle. Myleene spoke about how she found it much harder to conceive than when she became pregnant with her daughter Ava, now 4.


“I got a lot of messages on Twitter when I announced my pregnancy saying, ‘Lucky you that it’s happened so easily,’ and I wanted to say, ‘Believe you me, it wasn’t that easy,’ but it wasn’t the right forum,” Myleene, four months pregnant, explained to She magazine.

“Ava was a surprise so I assumed it would be easy, but it wasn’t. It’s been tough. You get to the stage where every month you’re waiting, and then when you’re not pregnant, it’s so disappointing.

“I was panicking a bit. The doctors started talking about IVF and I was upset.

“[My doctor] told me to relax and said he wanted us to try for a few months before we did anything else, and I was gutted, thinking, ‘But I’ve already been trying for months.’

“Then, a couple of weeks later, I missed my period and took a test and there it was – pregnant! I was so shocked, I had to buy two more to be sure,” said Myleene.

The celeb mum-to-be also revealed that her morning sickness was so severe in her first trimester that she nearly found herself admitted to hospital.

“I’ve not been able to keep anything down. It got so bad at one point that the doctor wanted to put me on a drip in hospital but I said no, as I didn’t want to leave Ava,” Myleene said.


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