Nancy Sorrell, best known for her successful modelling career and marriage to comedian Vic Reeves, is mum to 5-year-old twin girls, Elizabeth and Nell. She juggles a busy career with bringing up her children and still manages to find time to fight head lice.


MFM: We hear you’re in the middle of an ongoing nit vs Nancy war – what’s going on?

NS: “Nits are awful, they’re so frustrating. The girls come back from school and have nits and I’m like, I only sorted that out last week! It seems to just go around the school – I’m not blaming the other mums, we all try and deal with it.”

MFM: Are you constantly armed with a nit comb?

NS: “I’m like check, check, check – Vic even checks my hair because I start itching when the girls do! We’re like the scratchy household. I hate seeing the girls in pain though – I use Hedrin as it really does kill them. You can even do it before school, which is handy. Although you have to do it when the hair’s dry – I did that wrong once, doh! Had to do it all over again!”

MFM: And the Nancy Nit Nurse nickname?

NS: “Yeah, Vic calls me that! I’m getting used to doing it now, I actually quite enjoy it!”

MFM: Did you get head lice when you were growing up?

NS: “I remember getting them once – as a child you wonder what’s going on. But I did have a really itchy scalp after I had the girls. I’m not embarrassed about it – I’m sure it’s very common. The shampoo I used smelt really bad though – like tar. Hedrin at least smells nice!”

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MFM: Were you excited when you found out you were having twins?

NS: “I knew it was a possibility because we were having IVF treatment. It worked the first time! I was so used to seeing negative, when I saw the positive symbol on the pregnancy test I was running around screaming like a madwoman. I didn’t believe it, I kept checking. The midwife told me I could have actually had triplets and I was like, thanks for that, just getting over the twins news!”

MFM: Did you have any problems while you were pregnant?

NS: “I always felt dizzy when I was lying down – like the babies were pressing on all of my organs. I always used to get quite nervous too when the doctor was checking for the two heartbeats. Although, as Vic said, I had three hearbeats inside me, which was strange because you leave the hospital looking the same but you have those heartbeats inside you!”

MFM: Do the girls ever ask you about how they came about?

NS: “If they see pictures of us before they were born, they always ask if ‘we were a twinkle in your eye’ – so cute. They like to think they were always with us.”

MFM: Who’s older - Elizabeth or Nell?

NS: “Lizzy by 20 minutes – I think Nell was having a bit of a swim around.”

MFM: What’s your new show for This Morning going to be about?

NS: “Well I’m an ambassador for Tommy’s charity, who do a lot of research into still births and miscarriages. I’ve met some really incredible women. I don’t know how a lot of them do it. It’s quite hard to do sometimes – I’m an old hat at it now, but it gets quite emotional. But it’ll be great for people to see what Tommy’s does. You get to see the professor helping mums and it’s got little babies in it – little babies are lovely! I’m happy to help any baby!”

MFM: Finally – we were wondering whether you’d go back into the jungle to do I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here now that you have children?

NS: “It’s such a fantastic experience – I was the first girl to jump out the plane! All the men were crying. I was like get over it, just jump! It’d be awful and I’d miss them terribly, but as they’re 5 now, it’d be ok. I went to Cape Cod when they were 1. It was awful and I only went for three days. I’d feel less guilty now they’re at school and away from me anyway.”


Nancy is supporting the launch of Hedrin Treat & Go, a head lice treatment available from pharmacies nationwide. Visit for more info.