Singer’s wife slammed for ‘partying’ two weeks after giving birth

R&B artist Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal became parents 2 weeks ago but when she posted a pic of a girls' night out on Instagram, she got a feisty response


When Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal decided to go out with her friends 2 weeks after giving birth to her son Prince, she posted a fun series of selfies on Instagram to celebrate.


“Thanks for dragging me out the house last night ladies! Mommies need fun too!” she commented.

But all too quickly, the new mum was being criticised. Her mistake? Going out after giving birth via emergency c-section and leaving her 2-week-old baby at home. 

“It’s kind of too early to be going out already especially for a 1st time mom who had major surgery. C-section is surgery like any other take it easy……I kinda understand but that was so soon lol…” one commented.

“A woman with a newborn that requires attention every hour or two should have her a** at home! The impression is you’re a bad and inattentive mother,” another said.

Fortunately, others didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

“What’s the big deal? The baby was home with his daddy,” one responded.


The mum-of-1 responded to the haters by posting a video of her holding up her middle finger (it’s since been deleted).

But Ne-Yo was clearly much more wound up and shared his outrage too. “I don’t tell you how to juggle your baby mama’s or baby daddy’s, I don’t judge the stupid things you’ve done (and in most cases are STILL doing) with your lives.

“You go ahead, continue wasting your time passing judgement, and talking s**t as if ANY of you sad unhappy souls mean anything to us.

“You don’t…But you can keep believing you do.”


Crystal gave birth to her son Prince Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr on 16 March via emergency c-section after suffering complications throughout her pregnancy.

“Being on bedREST 85% of my pregnancy and not being able to work out the entire time was truly challenging and hard on my body,” she admitted in another Instagram post, sharing the above picture of her post-baby body and caesarean scar 1 week after giving birth.

Since the social media storm, Crystal has shared pictures of Prince looking very happy. “As long as your face always holds this much happiness ?,” she commented.

Photos: Instagram / I am Crystal Renay

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