New Alphablocks magazine helps your little one with ABCs

Aid reading and writing with fun and games from the Alphablocks

Alphablocks magazine is the perfect way to complement your child’s reading and writing, with fun phonic characters.


The new monthly magazine has cute alphabet characters, the Alphablocks, who will help your little one with their ABCs in a fun and friendly way. Children and parents can play alphabet games, join letters to make words and create stories using the 26 Alphablock characters.

There are also stickers, drawing, colouring, things to make and games to play that will allow your child to gain confidence with their reading and writing abilities. And each issue of the magazine comes with a gift to help kids get interactive with their ABCs. Issue 1 comes with 48 letter tiles and issue 2 has a free Alphablock R Pirate Set!

We have three downloadable activity sheets from Alphablocks magazine, so you can see just how much fun learning can be with the Alphablocks.

We’re also giving 500 lucky readers the chance to win a copy of the very first issue of Alphablocks magazine, out now. Click here to enter our amazing Alphablocks competition.


Alphablocks magazine is priced at £2.50 and available at all major UK retailers.


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