New app blocks out unwanted baby pics on Facebook!

Unbaby.Me allows friends to remove cute snaps from news stream


As a parent, it’s only natural to want to share gorgeous pics of your bundle of joy with the world by uploading photos to your online profile.


But what if your friends, who claim they love seeing your cute snaps, are secretly blocking them?

A new app ‘Unbaby.Me’ has launched on Facebook and gives friends the option to remove unwanted baby photos from their news feed.

Your social networking buddies can delete your baby snaps entirely and chose to swap them with other images. So far, the most popular replacements are cats, dogs, and even, er, bacon!

The plug-in, available to download from the Chrome Web Store, works by scanning your friends news feeds for trigger words and phrases, such as “cute”, to detect “unwanted” baby pictures.

Photos without captions or specific keywords, however, entirely miss the sweep.

The app has already received 44,000 likes in just 4 days.

Earlier this year, a new trend emerged of parents-to-be creating profiles for their unborn babies on social networking sites.

What do you think – a good way of blocking too many baby pics, or just plain rude?!

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