New app makes train seat flash when a pregnant woman’s nearby

Would you like to see this brought to the UK?


Ah, the joys of public transport when you’re pregnant, eh?


Even if you have a HUGE bump and your Baby On Board badge firmly in place, there’s never any guarantee that anyone will be feeling kind enough to give up their seat (cue head buried in a book, eyes down, sleep mode for those commuters who want to stay firmly seated).

And it can be even harder to procure a seat if you’re in the first trimester and there’s no obvious bump – although actually you’re probably at your most knackered in these initial weeks.

(Remember the story of the man who asked “Where’s the baby?’ when a woman in the early stages of pregnancy asked for a seat?)

So, perhaps this neat invention – being trialled in an area of South Korea – could be the answer to the whole awkwardness of getting/giving up a seat on the train.

It’s called The Beacon, and uses Bluetooth technology to light up beside priority seats when a pregnant woman who’s downloaded the associated app is nearby (within 2 metres).

As well as making sure other passengers are alerted when a pregnant woman who isn’t showing yet is nearby, it could also help to avoid those embarrassing moments when you offer a seat to someone you think might be pregnant but who isn’t ?

We’d like to think an obvious light going on would be enough to make other passengers get off their behinds and give up their seat even if a Baby on Board badge wouldn’t.

So what do you think? Good idea?

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