New campaign to keep your child safe online

‘Click Clever, Click Safe’ to protect children from cyber bullying and internet threats


A new campaign to ensure your child is safe surfing the net is being launched by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety.


The Click Clever, Click Safe campaign encourages children to enjoy the online world of entertainment and learning safely by following three simple actions: Zip it, Block it, Flag it.
“The internet is a fantastic tool for young people and can open their eyes to tremendous opportunities. But it’s important that parents and children understand the risks involved with using the internet, as with any area of life,” says Children’s Secretary Ed Balls. “In the offline world most parents feel confident to set boundaries and have discussions with their children, but in the online world they often struggle to discuss safety on the internet.”

Over a quarter of children aged 6 to 14 say their parents never talk to them about how they’re spending their time online. This can leave children more vulnerable to cyber bullying, witnessing potentially harmful or upsetting content, or having their personal info accessed or stolen.

Zip it, Block it, Flag it aims to make talking to your child about the internet easier, giving them a mantra to follow every time they go online. It encourages children to keep personal details and passwords private; block people who send nasty messages, unknown links and attachments; and flag up anything that worries them.
“Safer Internet Day is an excellent opportunity for parents and children to work together and tackle issues such as keeping personal information private, cyberbullying and online grooming,” says Richard Piggin, Deputy CEO of Beatbullying. “The ‘Click Clever, Click Safe’ campaign, is a great way for parents and children to learn that simple steps can be taken to stay safe online.”

As well as chatting together about using the internet safely there are some simple steps you can take to protect your child online. OnlineFamily.Norton is a free new family internet safety service which, as well as teaching children about surfing safely, gives you a clear picture of what your child is up to online.

With OnlineFamily.Norton you and your child can:

  • Set up House Rules so you both know the score.
  • View the words and phrases your child searches for online and see where the searches lead.
  • Monitor your child’s activity on social networking sites and see how they represent themselves on the sites.
  • Have an online conversation with your child if you’re worried about what they’re saying about themselves on networking sites.
  • Your child can contact you to ask permission or explain why they want access to a certain site.

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