New child bike wheel could mean no more stabilisers!

Teaching your child to ride a bike may never be the same again thanks to the Gyrowheel


A new wheel could revolutionise the tradition of teaching your child to ride a bike. Rather than clinging to the back of the saddle as your child wobbles all over the place, parents can now stand back and watch them pedal in a straight line.


The new technology, known as the Gyrowheel, uses a gyroscope in the front wheel of the bike to make it very stable. It could replace traditional stabilisers for children learning to ride a bike.

The product will be launched in time for Christmas in the US and the company behind it, Gyrobike, claims the new wheel completely eliminates the need for stabilisers. When it’s turned on, the Gyrowheel’s inner disk spins, which senses unbalanced riding and re-centres the bike underneath the rider’s weight as it starts to wobble. When it’s turned off, the wheel behaves like a standard bike wheel.

The Gyrowheel is expected to reach British shops next year.


What do you think of the new design? Is it a good idea or is falling off all part of learning to ride a bike? Let us know below…


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