New ‘childlike’ doll takes on Barbie and Bratz

Award-winning British Lottie Doll causes overseas buying frenzy


A new British doll looks set to take on rivals Barbie, Bratz and Monster High after winning nine awards globally and selling out in Australia.


Lottie, whose childlike appearance sets her apart from the competition, has been developed by British start-up Arklu who aimed to create a toy for girls that promoted a positive body image, and encouraged childlike play without the risk of premature sexualisation.

Lottie’s dimensions (apart from her head) are based on the average proportions of a nine-year-old girl, while her attire is also distinctly juvenile avoiding stilettos, jewellery, tattoos and skimpy clothes.

After becoming the focus of the Australian media, retailers saw a rush in demand which resulted in a sell-out of the doll and a 600-strong waiting list in time for Christmas.

Commenting on the sudden surge, a spokesperson for Women’s Forum Australia said, “Once the news about Lottie hit the media over the weekend we’ve just been inundated. There’s obviously a strong demand in the market for this.”

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