Just in case you thought (or hoped) the craze for slime was over - think again.


Hamleys flagship store in Regent Street has just had a press party where the biggest buzz from the paps was for a brand new, non-sticky (hurrah!!) super-soft slime.


The product is called Elasti Plasti, is suitable for 5 years + and costs £13. It expands, stretches and lets you blow giant bubbles with a straw ?

As you'd imagine, you can get it in a bunch of super-bright colours - with cool names including pinktopia, greenetic and peritwinxle.

Now, we know slime's a bit of a divider - while your kids probably love it, plenty of parents aren't so keen on the stuff which can get in hair, on clothes and all over your carpet (boo!)

Although - it is quite fun too. And this stuff promises to be non-sticky - and as we've seen from the demos - super-duper expandable.

If you think this slimey loveliness could make it into your child's Christmas stocking (if you're thinking that far ahead ?) check out our must-have toys for Christmas list which includes info on it - plus more picks from Hamleys as well as other big retailers.

Images: Tara Breathnach

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