New hope for couples struggling to conceive

A new book offers an affordable alternative to IVF for couples trying for a baby


A book by two leading fertility specialists could offer renewed hope to couples struggling to conceive.


The Fertility Plan is a three-month scheme that helps women overcome common blocks to pregnancy and offers an alternative to IVF, which author Dr Sami David believes is often unnecessary. “I estimate that 50% of women on IVF don’t need it,” says Dr David. “They could get pregnant naturally.”

Dr David, who was involved with the first successful IVF procedure 30 years ago, co-wrote the book with alternative-health practitioner, Jill Blakeway. They claim that there are other avenues doctors should look down before putting women on expensive and stressful IVF. “IVF shouldn’t be the first thing we turn to as doctors,” says Dr David. “Putting a woman on aggressive drugs to stimulate egg production is a waste of time if, in fact, she is failing to get pregnant because her partner has a low sperm count, or she has an infection.”

In the book, Dr David and Jill Blakeway target advice according to five different “types” of people. “The types are loosely based on Chinese medicine, combined with Dr David’s clinical experience,” says Jill, dubbed “the fertility goddess” by The New York Times.


If you’re having problems conceiving, find out how you can boost your fertility.


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