After last year’s stunning advert of a young boy who desperately counted down the days of Christmas so he could give his mum and dad their presents, John Lewis had a lot to live up to.


But, the retailer has pulled it out the bag with a tale of a love struck snowman that goes to extraordinary lengths in search of the perfect gift for his beloved snowy wife.

'The Journey' commercial opens with two children happily making a Mr & Mrs snowman in a blissful, snow-covered Christmas garden scene.

They wrap the snowman up snug in a scarf, but before they have time to dress the snowwoman their mother calls them inside.

The next day the snowman has disappeared, embarking on a quest that sees him travel through dark woods, climb steep mountains and dodge busy traffic, in a bid to bring back a secret present for his other snowy half.

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The clip seems like it's been inspired by Raymond Briggs children’s classic ‘The Snowman’ and even has a Lord of The Rings feel to it when he battles sweeping winds and snowballs fights on his Christmas journey.

“We know that our customers put real effort into finding the perfect gift for their loved ones at Christmas. This year’s ad brings that to life, with a creative twist," says John Lewis' Marketing Director Craig Inglis.

"When you watch it again and again you grow to love the snowman and start to look him as a human, and you look at him in the same way you did the kid last year.

"The snowman becomes a metaphor for that child. The fact is we have to keep it interesting,” Craig continues.

We could tell you what the snowman finally presents to his ‘girl crush’ but the magic of the advert certainly lies in discovering it for yourself.

So, click on the video and feel the warmth of Christmas fill you up.

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