New motorised pushchair to launch in UK

Would you buy an electric travel system?


As Italian brand Foppapedretti showcases its battery-powered Myo tronic travel system – will we all be too posh to push?


There are many products that, if we didn’t have them, would make life just that little bit harder (what did we do before mobile phones?!). So, Italian brand Foppapedretti is hoping its new battery-powered pushchair, the MYO TRONIC, will become the next absolute mummy must-have. But, is this the product we’ve all been waiting for, or would we have ever noticed if it hadn’t come along?

While we were busy wondering why pushing has suddenly gone out of fashion, Foppapedretti has sent a flurry of excitement through the world of buggies with a design that is already proving popular in Italy. Last week, the team came roaring (ok, it doesn’t go that fast) onto the scene at a German trade show, announcing that the design, with the red and navy blue colourways, will be set for a Spring 2013 UK release.

At first glance, the stroller looks like a pretty standard travel system. It has a rather Stokke-esque handle, a sleek aluminium frame, as favoured by some of the biggest brands, and offers mums a choice of seat options, colours and accessories. But, even a gentle touch on the handle starts the electric motor and you can simply guide, rather than push, the stroller. The MFMs team were rather taken aback at the sensitivity of the controls!

The stroller does stop moving the minute you take your hands off the handle, and can’t reach dizzying heights of speed – although it can apparently take on gradients of 20%, which could be useful, er, around Tesco…

Whether this is the ultimate in buggy luxury or just another added expense (prices are set to be around £1,500), we’ve not quite decided. Perhaps on days when we need to walk really, really far we’ll appreciate it. Although, it needs to be kept charged up, so don’t wander too far from a socket!

See a video of the MYO TRONIC in action here


Tell us what you think – is the world of mums and babies ready for a motorised pushchair?

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