Welcome to the club! It’s projectile poo and swollen boobs for new mum Georgia Jones

The model and wife of McFly star Danny Jones is in a new mum rite of passage, discovering the not-so-glam side to parenting…


For all of us who’ve been there, done that, got the smelly milk-stained t-shirt, worn it to bed and only got 3 hours sleep in it… it’s a little weird to think that maybe some people DON’T know breastfeeding can seriously hurt, and that when poo comes out of a baby’s bum it’s essentially a game of rainbow roulette ?


These delightful revelations are usually reserved for brand new mums and dads, as if we’ve joined the world’s least exclusive club, and it’s initiation time.

McFly star Danny Jones and wife Georgia, a former Miss England, have just joined up: they welcomed their son Cooper Alf Jones on 27 Jan 2018.

And it would seem Georgia is getting to grips with the house rules, but finding the funny side in all of these personal, and totally universal, little discoveries.

Taking to Instagram with a few honest selfies, Georgia talked about her first experience with sore, swollen boobs.

(Something we know many new mums struggle with – and can lead to blocked ducts and even mastitis.)

mum club georgia jones

“This is me and my engorged boob…. it’s hot, red, rock hard and pretty painful!!” she wrote in her caption. “So full with milk it feels like it’s going to pop!!

“But this is sooooo incredibly common…. new mummies… if this happens to you get yourself in a nice hot bath/shower and massage the heck out of that boob!

“It’s not pleasant, but trust me it really helps get that milk flowing & eases the pressure!”

She followed up with a few hashtags: “#newmum #engorgedbreast #ouch #newmumtips #newmumadvice #yougotthis”

She shared another doozy not so long back – a pic of herself covered in baby Cooper’s bright yellow poop ??

georgia jones poo

“Things they don’t tell you about babies…” she joked in the caption. “No1: Projectile Poo! ?”

Classic ???

Following Georgia’s journey through the first few weeks of her little one’s life is certainly bringing back memories for some of us here at MFM HQ ?

We’re SO thrilled for all the even newer mums and mums-to-be out there who’ll be following Georgia’s journey, and putting this handy info in their back pocket for safe-keeping.

It certainly would’ve helped us to know the house rules in advance, back in the day ?

Images: Instagram/Georgia Jones

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