New mum’s reaction as she delivers HUGE baby at home

The midwives had an 'inkling' he might be on the big side, but weren't expecting this...


When a woman named Natalie from the US gave birth to her little boy, birth photographer Laura Fifield caught the moment on camera perfectly.


We reckon the look on the new mum’s face is the optimum mix of surprise (as she didn’t know she was having a son), relief that he’d arrived – and perhaps just a teensy bit of shock at his size, a whopping 11lb 2oz ?

Natalie gave birth at home with “no interventions, no internal exams, no complications” – according to Laura, who shared the pic on her Facebook page

It got loads of really positive comments, as you can imagine, with one mum saying:

“This photo is just the best!! I delivered a 9lb baby at home that the midwives thought might be over 10. We are powerful creatures! Big congrats to this beautiful family!!!” 

And another commented:

“I’m in love with this picture. And, Good Lord, that’s a big baby!!! Congrats, Mama. You did it!!”

Huge congrats indeed, Natalie – and we hope all’s well with you and your lovely new bundle of joy ?

What do you think?

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