New mums want cosmetic surgery

A trend for mums getting boob jobs soon after giving birth is worrying health experts


Mums make up 60% of breast augmentation patients and almost 1 in 3 of them are under 30, according to The Harley Medical group.


It seems that some mums fall in love with the fuller breasts they develop during pregnancy and breastfeeding – and will resort to surgery to keep them permanently.

Doctors recommend that mums wait at least six months before having any kind of plastic surgery, but some mums are going under the knife just weeks after giving birth.

“I have seen mothers of 20 with three children come in for boob augmentations. Some come in almost straight from the labour ward,” Riccardo Frati, a consultant plastic surgeon, told The Mirror in a report on this new trend.

Implants can also prevent mums from breastfeeding – and in some cases the implants can be rejected if they even try it.


Have you ever been tempted by cosmetic surgery? Or has becoming a mum made you more content with your natural body? Let us know…

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