New parenting code words revealed

Study reveals the latest jargon mums and dads are using


If ‘Dummy Mummy’ or ‘Dadmin’ don’t ring any bells, they soon will, because according to a recent survey, parents are using a host of code words to describe their parenting experiences.


The study involved 2,000 parents and revealed the new words that have entered the parenting vernacular. ‘Dummy Mummy’ topped the list, and ‘Baby Gaga’ and ‘Nansformer’ closely followed. The survey was done to mark the release of the Life As We Know It DVD.

What the code words mean:

1.    Dummy Mummy – When life with a new baby consumes your life and verges on a baby bore

2.    The Naughty Two-Step – Ritual dance performed by little ones who refuse to sit on the ‘naughty step’

3.    Baby Gaga – When your baby shows off in front of guests

4.    Nansformer – When grandma transforms into a multi-functional goddess when the baby arrives

5.    Dadmin – Jobs that only dad can do!


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