New simulator lets dads feel pregnant too – amazing video

Japanese scientists have made a simulator jacket - or Mommy Tummy 8.0 - for men to wear and experience the feeling of pregnancy weight gain and an unborn baby kicking


When you become pregnant, your body experiences all sorts of different feelings and changes, from weight gain to your unborn baby kicking and even feeling your baby’s heartbeat. And now, scientists in a Japanese lab have created an ingenious way for men to feel and understand the same pregnancy changes.


Mommy Tummy 8.0 is a high-tech simulator that replicates the joys of a whole pregnancy in around two minutes. It works by giving the user (dad), a special jacket to put on. The jacket is connected to a water tank and warm water is pumped into the jacket to simulate weight gain and the feeling of a growing baby. There are even balloons in the chest area to recreate how breasts develop throughout pregnancy!

This weird (but we think wonderful!) invention aims to provide dads with a true understanding of how difficult pregnancy can be for their partners, and the scientists at the Kanagawa Institute in Japan hope that men will be “more amiable towards pregnant women and have stronger affectionate ties with their newborn children”, reports

Does your partner want to know what a pregnant tummy feels like?

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