New website reveals success rate of IVF clinics

Patients can choose a fertility clinic with good results


A new website called Choose a Fertility Clinic has launched today, which gives ratings and information on every IVF clinic in the UK. The clinics are rated on a number of factors, including the success rate of IVF treatment and waiting times for patients.


The website, launched by The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), also provides information on the diagnosis, age and length of infertility of those treated at each clinic.

It’s the first time the predicted chance of a fertility clinic delivering a baby will be given. Professor Lisa Jardine, chair of the HFEA, said, “Fertility treatment is big business in the UK and people can spend thousands of pounds in the hope of having a baby. It’s only right that they have as much information as possible to help them make a choice about where they go for treatment.”

The website doesn’t include data on cost or any mishaps at the clinics, such as embryo mix-ups.


The site comes amid news that the number of IVF treatments is continuing to rise. More than 4,000 babies were born in one year in London after their mums had IVF treatment – that’s 11 babies a day.

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