Mum’s heartbreak as 18-day-old daughter dies from fatal kiss

"Our princess Mariana Reese Sifrit gained her angel wings at 8.41am this morning in her daddy’s arms and her mummy right beside her…" ?


Oh goodness, this is such a sad story, but one we felt it was important to share here at MFM HQ. 


On the day of their own wedding, Nicola and Shane Sifrit noticed that their tiny baby, Mariana – just a week old – was not her usual self.

She was refusing to eat and was unresponsive, so they rushed her to hospital, where it was discovered the newborn had contracted meningitis as a result of getting HSV-1 – the same virus that causes cold sores.

Neither Nicola or Shane carry the virus themselves – and there’s no way of telling who Mariana might have contracted it from – but what we do know is that HSV-1 is usually passed on by direct contact from a cold sore on the lips of one person to the lips of another.

If a newborn (especially one under the age of 6 weeks) gets the HSV-1 virus it can be really dangerous, though with swift medical intervention recovery can be made: take a look at the story we shared about a new baby who survived after contracting it when she was kissed by a stranger.

But on very rare occasions, when HSV-1 turns into meningitis – it is much more serious and, as in Mariana’s case, often proves fatal.

Sharing her heartbreaking story on Facebook just days before Mariana died, Nicole said this:

“For people who don’t understand what we are going through, please read this story. If you gather anything from it DON’T LET ANYONE kiss your baby.

“This story is what I’m living through right now. Our princess is fighting for her life on life support after being discharged 100% healthy this has to be the worse nightmare I’ve ever lived!

“Please keep our princess of the sea Mariana, her daddy, and myself in your prayers ♡”

It’s a stark warning, which we totally get – and we would say that you shouldn’t let anyone who has a cold sore – or the early symptoms of one (like that tingling sensation) to kiss your newborn, especially if they’re under 6 weeks old.

Our heart goes out to Mariana’s family – we can’t imagine what they must be going through – but we’re so glad they felt able to share their story to help others ???

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