Nigella Lawson – “Cooking children’s dinner can be a chore”

TV cook believes that mums shouldn’t feel guilty if they can’t make cooking fun and recreational!

Yummy mummy Nigella Lawson thinks parents put themselves under too much pressure to make dinnertime a big event – and even admitted her children live on easy-to-make pasta!


Talking about how mealtimes have changed since she was a child, Nigella said, “Nowadays, I think parents sometimes feel they have to get into children’s television presenter mode and make cooking all fun and recreational, whereas we were just required to help get a meal on the table,” she told the Press Association.

The TV cook also admitted that she doesn’t “cook seven different things in a week” and that her teenage children eat a lot of pasta.


Nigella’s comments come as a new survey reveals that six out of ten mums say they don’t have the time to cook healthy wholesome meals for their children. The survey by frozen food company Aunt Bessie found that 70% of the 3,000 mums polled admitted to regularly dishing up ready meals or junk food like pizza and chips. Parents mainly blamed lack of time and catering for fussy eaters as the reasons, while four out of ten felt ‘pressured’ to cook amazing dinners each evening.

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