No more Normans – old style names are dying out

Some old style names such as Norman are in danger of dying out, research suggests.

no-more-normans-old-style-names-are-dying-out_blank studied the most popular names of 1907 with those that have made the grade over the past five years.


In 1907, 1,048 babies were named Gertrude but none were in 2005. Baby Normans declined from 1,991 to two.

Richard, which was the most popular name 200 years ago, has also declined. A total of 4,671 babies were named Richard in 1807, but the number fell to 2,289 in 1907 and 538 in 2005.

However, the researchers for the social networking site did find that names such as Thomas, Jack and William have remained in vogue for 200 years.

The survey also suggests a royal connection has kept names such as Elizabeth, Philip and Charles consistently popular over the past 100 years.

It also found that some names which have lost popularity have been replaced by something similar, with Olivia replacing Olive as a popular name. Similarly, Lily has become a modern-day Lilian and Alfred has become Alfie.

Sarah Stone, editor of, said: “It is clear that modern parents are increasingly being influenced by fashions and celebrity. However we also need to remember that there are now more choices available.”


The Office for National Statistics says the most popular baby names last year were Jack, Thomas and Oliver for boys and Grace, Ruby and Olivia for girls.

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