No music in school music lessons?

Children’s creativity takes a tumble as Ofsted reveals schools don’t encourage music in music lessons


The sound of drums being randomly bashed, triangles being stuck out of time and recorders being blown to within an inch of their lives is becoming a thing of the past in music lessons, Ofsted reports. Instead, music lessons involve jotting down Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton facts.


A study of 184 primary, secondary and special schools revealed two thirds of schools were inadequate, the Daily Mail reports. Sir Michael Wilshaw, chief inspector of schools, said, “Too much was made of non-musical activities such as writing without any reference to musical sound.” With no new talent being encouraged, it’s no wonder we’ve had to turn to 75-year-old Englebert Humperdinck to represent the UK at Eurovision!

A similar study published by the University of Edinburgh claims children born in the Eighties are more creative than kids today. Although many parents claim to priorities creative activities, researches found one in seven parents actually spend less than an hour a week helping encourage kids’ creativity. Worryingly, one in five parents admitted they leave creative tasks to schools…who are busy ensuring their kids know the titles of Eric Clapton’s famous songs. Oh dear.

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