Forget Fitbits, the latest wrist tech to be seen with could soon be this, the Fibo. Well, if you are a dad-to-be, anyway.


This state-of-the-art smart bracelet transmits baby's kicks straight from the mum's womb through to the dad - or whoever is wearing it - so they too can feel the little one's movements.

Pretty cool - or is the Fibo an unnecessary gadget?

You'll certainly both have to be on board with the gizmo. Mums-to-be need to pop on a monitor patch in the third trimester, which connects to the bracelet via wifi. The bracelet then copies the kick pattern on to little beads within the bracelet, simulating the same sensation as she is having.

And all in real time, too.

Once you get over the wow factor of what modern tech can do, there is, for some of our MFM team, a 'but why' question mark hanging over the whole device. Don't partners generally just keep sticking their ears on our enormo tums, or asking to balance glasses on water on them to witness the kicks first hand or are simply happy to lay a hand on an active bump.

The bracelet's designers - three Danish design students from Copenhagen's School of Design and Technology who've worked with a company called First Bond - say it's all about involvement, and that the product has been designed so dads feel completely involved in the pregnancy.

But could it cause worry if both parents have different views about how much their baby is moving and whether it's the same amount as the day before. And what if one parent isn't so keen on the Fibo as the other?

Speaking to Newsweek, First Bond's Sandra Pétursdóttir said that "while the mother gets the first-hand feeling of the little one growing in her belly, the dad can feel a bit left out", but with the bracelet, every move is shared.

"The sharing happens instantly so the person wearing the wristband will feel the movement in real-time," Sandra explained. "We’re focusing on shared experiences and the shared economy. By making Fibo, a device the parents rent during the pregnancy, an up-to-date technology and high-quality product can be guaranteed."

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And while the idea itself isn't new - we wrote about another product which does much the same thing ages ago - the technology the Fibo uses is totally cutting edge - and as such, is still in development as they finely tune it.

First Bond reckons the bracelet will be on the market next year though - so what do you think of it? Would you want your partner to wear one? Do you think they'd want to? Let us know in comments or on Facebook.

Pic: First Bond Wearables

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