Nursery teacher sprayed ‘smelly’ children

Children at a nursery who soiled their clothes were sprayed with air freshner by a teacher


A nursery school teacher has been sacked from her job after reportedly spraying tots who had dirtied their nappies with air freshner.


Elizabeth Davies, 48, was accused of making toddlers who had wet themselves stand on newspaper while they waited to be picked up by their parents.

The teacher, with 20 years experience, lost her job at Hafod Primary School in Swansea, South Wales after an investigation by education chiefs.

One mum whose tot attended the school, said: “She was an experienced teacher but the way she treated some children was disgraceful.

“It was humiliating for little children and it caused a lot of tears.”

The mum added that when youngsters have accidents they should be “comforted rather than punished”.


Davies, from Neath, was dismissed after being suspended on full pay for 18 months while the investigation was carried out. 

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