Viewers of reality show One Born Every Minute took to Facebook after new mum Jessica, 17, revealed that she was smoking during her pregnancy in the lastest episode.


Jessica sparked more than 1,300 comments on Facebook.

The Channel 4 show follows real soon-to-be parents through the birth of their child. This week Jessica, who was pregnant with her first baby, appeared on the show after going into labour at Leeds General Infirmary.

Jessica appeared on the episode telling friends that the hospital’s no smoking policy is the only thing stopping her from having a cigarette.

“Have you been out for a cig and that?” asks her boyfriend’s sister Devinya in the episode. “I’m not allowed,” replied Jessica.

Many expressed their shock on Channel 4’s official Facebook fan page after the airing of the episode.

“It’s not her age that matters though. I don’t care if she’s 17 or 71. Smoking in pregnancy is a disgusting selfish thing to do,” commented one user.

However, many also defended Jessica’s controversial actions.

“I had my lil boy at 20 and smoked while pregnant. My lil man’s weight was amazing and he’s a healthy two-year-old. Stop judging others,” commented Facebook user Lisa Hardy.

At the end of the episode Jessica gave birth to a baby girl named Rikeya, weighing 6lb 12oz.

Do you think Jessica decided the blasting on Facebook?

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