One in 10 children can’t ride a bike

Huge number of children never swim, ride a bike or run about, finds new study


A quarter of British children have never run more than 400m, a new study has claimed. It also found that 10% of children can’t ride a bike and 15% haven’t learned to swim, leading experts to complain we are raising a nation of couch potatoes.


Nearly 80% of the 1,500 children aged 6 to 15 claimed they spent their free time watching TV, while only 34% said they played sports.

Less active pastimes were generally favoured over sporting activities, with 56% of children preferring to surf the internet and 43% playing video games.

The survey, by Tata Steel and British Triathlon also found that although 75% of children own a bike, more own a games console (77%).


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