If you think that the pain of giving birth is all mums-to-be have on their minds think again, as one in 10 confess their biggest birth worry is having an ‘ugly’ baby!

The poll included 1,211 mums-to-be, and of those who said an 'ugly' baby was the biggest worry, 32% explained they were scared their unborn baby would inherit unattractive family traits, and 21% feared it would affect their bond with their baby (we should point out that the poll, by BabyChild.org.uk, didn’t include medical complications).

However, the birth fears weren’t all superficial – 36% feared the pain of labour and 24% were dreading the prospect of involuntary bowel movements while in the throes of labour.

If you’re worried about birth, MFM’s guide to saying goodbye to your labour fears is a must-read.

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