Only 6% of new mums think the Government supports families

Majority of mums don’t believe David Cameron’s fulfilled his promises to create a family-friendly Government


David Cameron pledged in 2010 that his Government would be “the most family-friendly we have ever had”, reports the Telegraph. Yet, come the end of 2011, only 6% of pregnant or new mums believe he’s fulfilled his promise, according to a survey carried out by the Family and Parenting Institute.


Mums are unimpressed by frozen Child Benefits, middle-income couples losing their entitlement to tax credits and the rising cost of childcare. Dr Katherine Rake, Chief Executive of the Family and Parenting Institute, explained, “New mothers are being hit particularly hard by changes to family benefits.”

But it’s not just Prime Minister David Cameron that’s come under fire. The Post Office was voted as the least family-friendly public place and 50% of mums noted how rarely public transport is fit for families. Hopefully David’s New Year’s resolution is to make good on his 2010 promises!


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