Oops – did Frankie Sandford and baby mean to park in disabled bay?

Saturdays’ singer spotted taking her baby out of her car parked in disabled spot


We’ve all been tempted (well, haven’t you?) – desperately trying to find a parking space with your baby in tow. Annoyingly, all the mum and baby spaces are always taken (where are the car seats in the cars?) and the only spaces left are reserved for disabled people.


Well, the Daily Mail has spotted Saturdays’ singer and new mum Frankie Sandford going one step further. On Wednesday it appears she did park and leave her car in a disabled parking bay, disappearing off with her 4-month-old baby Parker and a companion.

Of course, we don’t know whether Frankie or her companion can legitimately use a disabled space. Or, whether she just didn’t see the disabled sign and simply spotted the space. Or may be she felt she desperately needed a space, just for a short time…


Have you parked somewhere you shouldn’t with your child or children?

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