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Outrage over fashion label's lingerie collection for 4-year-olds

A French label has caused controversy in the fashion industry by launching lingerie for girls as young as 4

A new range of lingerie has been launched by a French fashion label targeting girls as young as 4 years. The Jours Apres Lunes line is aimed at girls aged 4 to 12 years, and the advertising features a range of half-dressed young girls with full faces of make-up.


The images are so risque that the Daily Mail deemed them too "inappropriate for publication".

The ones we've seen include girls wearing teeny bra-like tops and pants, with strings of pearls around their necks, posing in various unsettling positions.

"These pictures are not cute. It's inappropriate to sexualize children," said Marilisa Racco, author of Le Snob Lingerie, reports the Daily Mail.

"A pearl-encrusted triangle bra on a little girl does not sit well with me," she added.

This isn't the first time controversy over young girls being forced to grow up too fast has come up. Recently, French magazine Cadeaux came under fire when it hired 10-year-old Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau for a photo shoot where she posed provocatively in adult clothing.

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