Over 60% of working parents too tired for sex

The cause of couples’ decreased libido is due to long hours at the office


More than six in 10 couples are left too tired for sex after a stressful day at work, according to a new survey. Family time, social lives and fitness regimes also suffer, found the poll by US website Care.com.


“Despite successful careers, our work is impacting our personal lives in unhealthy ways, particularly because we are tethered to technology 24/7. 

It’s no surprise that mums, who have buzzing BlackBerries in their bags full of work emails, can feel tapped out and not eager for sex. Stress kills the libido,” said Care.com editor Wendy Sachs.

Parents are most stressed in the years before their children are enrolled in school, the survey found.


“Mums tend to be pretty selfless. We don’t take time for ourselves, and we should. Whether it’s 20 minutes to call a friend, go for a drink after work or taking a dance class. All of those things make you feel better,” said Wendy, reports MailOnline

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