Parents are warned the Nintendo 3DS could harm their children’s eyesight

Children under 6 should not be playing Nintendo’s new toy, as optometrists warn its 3D technology could harm their eyes’ development


Optometrists have dampened enthusiasm for Nintendo’s new handheld gaming device, the 3DS, by warning it could be harmful to children’s eyesight.


The console is the first 3D games gadget that does not require glasses to view the images on the screen in 3D. Clever new technology enables players to see the images in 3D by looking directly at the screen. In fact, there are two screens, one on top of the other, which creates the 3D view.

Eye doctors and scientists have warned that children under 6 should not be allowed to play with the device. “Children need a clear sharp image in each eye in order for their vision to develop properly,” said Karen Sparrow, from the Association of Optometrists. “If anything upsets that balance (natural or artificial) it could affect the visual development resulting in lazy eye or a squint.”

According to Nintendo, its 2D console, the original DS, is not affected and can be used by under 6s. Nintendo has also included an off switch, which can remove the 3D filter, and parental controls.


If you can’t keep your children off your new toy, best flip those parental settings on now.

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