Parents face eviction over 2 year old’s loud crying

Complaints from neighbours that crying baby sounds like a revving engine means family might lose their home


A Worcestershire-based family could lose their home after neighbours repeatedly complained about their baby’s crying.


Nicola Baylis, 23, and partner Tim Richold, 34, have been issued with an acceptable behaviour contract which states they must make an effort to control their daughter Skye, 2.

Describing the noise as being like a revving engine, residents who live in the same block of flats in Lingmell Court, Warndon, have said the noise is making people’s lives a misery, the Daily Mail reports.

Nicola herself admits that Skye can be quite loud, especially her laugh. The mum said sometimes even she has to cover her ears. Now facing a court appearance in February, Nicola said, “She’s just being a toddler and has no idea how loud she’s being.”

Jennifer Soley, Senior Housing Officer for Nexus Housing, has defended the decision to issue a warning stating it follows a catalogue of complaints from local residents. The decision on whether or not the family will be evicted is to be decided by the court.


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