Parents need a nursery comparison website, say experts

Nursery and nanny services should be easily comparable online, recommends a new study


Parents should be able to compare ratings of nanny and nursery services online, says a new study by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).


After undertaking a study of parents’ needs, the group has called for a national website that would allow parents to feedback their experiences of childminding services to help other parents choose childcare.

“On communication, parents felt that family and friends were the most useful and most trusted sources of information,” the report concluded. “Parents want basic factual information from the State that would enable them to make informed choices about which local provision to take up, and welcomed communication direct from children’s centres.”


Ratings sites are already available for public services such as the NHS. For more info on, and the ability to rate your local nurseries and schools, visit your MFM neighbourhood and get recommending!


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