Parents receive invoice for £1,838 after toddler damages neighbour’s car

Neighbours listed payment for tea and biscuits while 'pondering repair' but left the best bit till last...


Invoicing parents for their kids’ wrong-doings seems to be quite a ‘thing’ lately – remember the 5-year-old boy who was issued with a £15.95 invoice for missing a party?  Well now a 3 year old has been slapped with a bill by a neighbour for causing damage to his a car! But it’s not quite what it seems…


The ‘invoice’ first appeared on the mum’s Facebook account, and soon made its way on to Reddit where it rapidly attracted a host of comments.

The mum of the toddler explained how she had been very honest, owning up to her neighbours about the door crunch. 

“My silly 3-year-old accidentally hit a neighbour’s car last week when opening his door. We admitted it at the time and told the owner we’d pay for the repair (cheaper than going through insurance). Chased him up today and got this invoice.”

She then shared a snap of the invoice, which not only had the damage repair costs itemised, but also such sundry expenses as ‘numerous cups of tea while pondering repair’ (£28.00) and ‘numerous packets of biscuits while pondering repair’ (£10.00)

The grand total of repairs, re-spray, tea and biscuits ended up at a stonking £1,838.00!

But wait…

The last item on the bill was ‘these things happen’ which attracted a charge of minus £1,838.00. The kindly neighbour totted up the bill to reach ‘no charge’ as the final amount owed.  

‘The only thing we ask,’ they wrote, ‘is that you keep taking our parcels in when we are not here, thanks!’

Hats off all round – a charitable way to approach toddler damage and thank the mum for being so honest. But can you imagine what that poor mum’s reaction must have been when she first opened the ‘invoice’?!

Photo: Facebook/Reddit

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