Parents share fury over ‘evil’ Furby toys

From farting to demonic looking eyes mums share their shock at 'possessed' children’s toy


In the lead up to Christmas you couldn’t move for talk of Furbies, hailed as the biggest toy re-invention ever, even going as far as to knock the iPad into second place on many kids’ wish lists. Heck, we even featured them in our Christmas gift guides.


But it seems the toy’s ability to be either mean or nice has led to a lot of upset children and disgruntled parents, as the £70 toy sits farting, making ‘bleugh’ noises and sporting angry looking eyes. One mother writes, “I seriously want to throw the possessed little b****** in the bin.”

A Hasbro representative responded to some of the complaints saying that the Furby needed to be petted more, and then it will be more likely to develop a sweet personality. Who knew toys took so much effort these days?

Judging by the popularity of figurines and build-it-yourself play sets at this year’s Toy Fair, along with the growing demand for so-called ‘slow toys’ (you know, toys that don’t need plugs, batteries or four hours of set up), it seems kids are starting to trust their own imaginations more, too. As Playmobil told us, “Children want to play with the things they see around them,” leading to their huge range of real life sets, including police stations and hotels. It’s not like kids are going to encounter a Furby at their local swimming pool is it? So it looks like evil Furby’s are out. After all, it’s unlikely a parent is going to want to lock a train set in the cupboard for making rude noises.


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