Hotel empire heiress Paris Hilton has revealed on her own TV show, The World According to Paris, that she thought she might be pregnant.

In the reality TV series, she worries she's having a baby after putting on some extra pounds, finds she can't stop eating and is suffering from fatigue.

It first kicked off when The Simple Life star struggled to fit into a leather catsuit for the launch of her motorcycle team in Spain. The tabloids then speculated that the reality TV star was pregnant.

“I hope they’re not right. I’m always hungry,” said the 30-year-old. Paris went onto admit that she forgets to take her contraceptive pill every now and then. “Sometimes I forget, then I take like two or three in one day.”

Then-boyfriend Cy Waits went out to buy a pregnancy test for her and the pair waited with baited breath for the results. When the test showed “not pregnant”, Paris was visibly relieved but Cy admitted to being slightly disappointed.

“In a way I wanted to have a baby with you. But I think you’re right. We’re not ready yet,” said the American businessman.

Wise words it seems, as the couple announced they had broken up earlier this week.

It won't be the end of Paris' baby plans though. While waiting for the test results she revealed her first choice baby name – London. “If it’s a boy, can we name him London? I’ve always wanted, if I had a daughter or a son – whatever’s first - to be named London.” Perhaps not a surprise given her own name!

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