Parking tickets on school zig-zag lines have doubled

83% of parents don’t know about rules for zig-zag lines outside schools


It might seem like a convenient place to drop off the kids, but new figures show the number of tickets issued for stopping on the zig-zags outside schools have almost doubled in 2 years.


The number of fines issued rose from 14,564 in 2011 to 28,169 in 2013, freedom of information figures obtained by AXA Car Insurance show.

But it seems only 17% of people know stopping on zig-zags is banned at school-run times, their research says.

While it may be well known that you can’t park on yellow zig-zag lines, you also can’t wait or even stop momentarily to drop off or pick up passengers, according to the UK Highway Code.

The Local Government Association explains that this is because parking on yellow zig-zags outside schools puts children at risk, as outside school gates there are lots of children running around, buggy congestion and little ones on scooters and bikes.

What do you think? Have you ever been tempted to stop on the zig-zags?

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MadeForMums Writer – Jessica Gibb

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