People with a ‘baby face’ may live longer

Scientists have found that those who look more youthful stay alive longer


You’re only as old as the man you feel as the old saying goes, but apparently, according the Dutch scientists, it’s as young as you look that is key to a long life.


A study on 2,000 twins at the University of Southern Denmark, has found that the oldest looking twin was more likely to die first, not the twin who was the oldest in terms of mental agility.

The perceived age of the twins was worked out by looking at both their physical and mental skills, and wellbeing.


The findings are believed to be vital when indicating a person’s overall health by judging how old they look compared to their real age. “When assessing health, physicians traditionally compare perceived and chronological age, and for adults, the expression ‘looking old for your age’ is an indicator of poor health,” Professor Kaare Christensen, who led the study, has said.


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