Pet dog rocks newborn to sleep

Meet Baxter the dog and his new best friend, baby Jarvis


The Gethings family were so amazed to see their pet dog rock two-month-old Jarvis to sleep that they videoed it and posted it on Instagram.


In the clip, the rhythm of Baxter’s breathing sends two-month-old Jarvis to sleep.

Dad Gerrard Gethings, a photographer from North London, told the Mirror: “I think Jarvis finds Baxter soothing, maybe because he’s warm.

“Whenever [Baxter] barks at the door, Jarvis doesn’t even flinch. They say babies hear voices from the womb, well maybe he heard Baxter barking so he’s comfortable with it now.”

Of course, Jarvis’ parents were watching him and Baxter when this video happened but it is important to remember that it is never safe to leave children alone with dogs.

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