Pink: ‘It’s cute that my toddler swears’

The singer admits she 's charmed when her 3-year-old daughter drops the f-bomb


Pink has revealed that her toddler has a potty mouth. The 35-year-old insists she’s not encouraging 3-year-old Willow to swear but admits that she finds it ‘cute’. And she reckons her daughter has picked up the bad language from her motorcycle racer dad Carey Hart.


“I was getting ready to go on stage and she ran in,” Pink told US TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, according to ABC News. “She must have been preparing this, like a bit, and she came in and she was like, ‘I’m f****** here.’

“I was like, ‘I’m sorry…I can’t…what…my ears don’t understand what you’re saying!'”

But the singer admits it wasn’t the first time her daughter had dropped the f-bomb.

“She mutters it when she thinks no one is looking,” she said. “But it’s so cute. I’m not encouraging it but, like, this 3-year-old body and …”

Does your child swear? Do you think it’s cute? Or would you react differently to Pink? Comments please!

Photo: Twitter / Pink

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