Playmobil launches first app

Popular children’s toy goes digital in time for Christmas


For the first time ever Playmobil has gone digital, launching an app just in time for Christmas.


Fans of the much-loved plastic figurines can now create their own digital pirate world, adding figurines for extra swashbuckling adventures.

The app is free to download and has been launched worldwide, allowing fans to combine real-time play and virtual adventures. The app has been designed in conjunction with Gameloft, who say they are eager to give current fans a new experience of their favourite toy brand.

There are additional features available for those who want to speed up the expansion of their empire, quests and mini games to complete.

A Playmobil representative said, “With the first Playmobil app we are not only offering our fans a totally new mobile gaming experience, but are kick starting out presence in the booming smartphone and tablet market to enable us to make new and existing fans even more enthusiastic about our brand.”


Download the app for your apple device here

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