Police couple welcome surrogate baby

Sister acts as surrogate mum for gay brother and his partner


The sister of Special Constable Steven Ponder has given birth to a baby boy for Steven and his partner, dog handler PC Ivan Sigston. Steven and Ivan, from Southampton, were both at the birth in June, and have named their son William Campbell Ponder-Sigston.


Mum-of-three Lorna Bradley, 31, from West Sussex, volunteered to be a surrogate mum for her brother and his partner Ivan when they wanted to start a family.

Ivan provided the sperm for conception, but has not put himself down as the father so he and Steven need to adopt their baby boy.

Surrogate mum Lorna has declined to go into the details of the situation. A spokesman for the police force has also declined to comment, saying the matter was private.

Surrogacy UK has said it’s not a binding surrogacy arrangement under current law. It also said as Lorna’s name is the only one of the birth certificate, she is the legal guardian of baby William.


For a male and female couple, a standard surrogacy arrangement would mean they need to apply for a parental order within six months of the baby’s birth. However, at this point in time, same-sex couples can’t apply for a parental order so need to adopt the baby.


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