This man booked his pregnant wife a pre-baby photo shoot. But when she said she didn't want to pose for any bump pictures, he came up with the most hilarious alternative.


Instead of feeling down about it, he decided to have a chat to the photographer and get some pregnancy snaps taken anyway – of himself.

And the results have been making us chuckle all day!

The dad-to-be, who posts on Reddit as DruishPrincess69, linked to his 'pregnancy' pictures on the site – and send Reddit users wild with excitement.

As you can see, he models a variety of classic poses, including holding his bump (was it Photoshopped or is he just breathing out a lot?). We particularly like the one where he's satisfying his 'pregnancy' cravings for ice cream, and the one where he's doing that cliche hands-make-a heart-over-your-bump thing.

He even worked some amazing digital magic on one picture, so it looks like he’s kissing his own bump!

Do have a look at his pics – and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photos: Reddit / Imgur / DruishPrincess69

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