There was a time when baby bumps were to be covered with floaty tops and empire-line dresses. Every lump and bump was discreetly covered by flattering folds of fabric.


But thank heavens, things changed and modern mums-to-be are able to proudly display their bumps in public.

Except that when celebrities do it, they increasingly face criticism in the media for tearing up the ‘pregnancy fashion rulebook’.

A UK newspaper site suggested yesterday in its headline that Kristen Cavallari, 7 months pregnant, had broken ‘pregnancy style rules’ by wearing a 'fierce' leather jacket and a 'low-cut' dress.

And we're delighted that MFMers have spoken out.

We posted the picture on our Facebook page and were overwhelmed by your response.

Karen says: “Why is there a supposed "pregnancy outfit rule"!? Every pregnant woman should be allowed to wear whatever she feels happy and comfortable in! Without being judged or slated.”

Rachael says “She looks fab. It's about embracing your pregnancy and feeling good as you change. Sod the ones with negative opinions”

Earlier this month, actress Elsa Pataky, pregnant with twins, was mocked for her form-fitting Oscars look by presenters of US TV's Fashion Police.

They said: “The last thing I wanna do is rip on a pregnant woman. But it's a horrible dress on her. It doesn't look like a baby bump; it looks like a beer belly.”

And when we posted her picture on our Facebook page, MFMers leapt to her defence.

Alexandra says: “I think that's a horrible thing to say. It's hard enough finding clothes that look & feel good when you're pregnant. She's carrying twins in that beautiful pregnant belly! The fit looks comfortable & the colour is lovely. People can be so unnecessarily cruel!”

Laura adds: “Makes me lol. I wouldn't even take any notice. This pregnant women is very classy and covered up in all the right places and proudly showing her joy. I give it a huge ten”

So there you have it, don’t be afraid to experiment with your maternity style and ignore the critics. What do they know anyway?!

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