Mum goes into labour at 1D concert

And all she got was a signed photo. Come on boys, we want the baby to have tickets for life! Hehe...


Friends thought pregnant Julie-Anne Kirk from North Belfast was mad when she decided to go to a One Direction concert when she was one week overdue. But, she said she felt fine and was determined to go with her 13-year-old niece Kayley.


Halfway through the gig though, Julie-Anne started to get stomach pains and decided it might be worth moving a bit nearer one of the exits just in CASE something was about to happen, and sure enough – it was.

Not long after moving to a more ‘suitable’ spot her waters broke and she called her aunt and partner to pick her up.

Two hours after leaving the SSE Arena in Belfast and arriving at Mater Hospital Julie-Anne gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl called Laiya. (Nope, no Harriets or Louisas here!)


On hearing the story, the band made sure Julie-Anne got a signed photo of them as a keepsake.

Belfast Trust shared Julie-Anne’s story on their Facebook page, where one concert-goer who had spotted her there said:

“Seen her going to the toilet a few times joked that she might go into labour. But never actually thought it would happen lol..what a way to come into the world brilliant. and the midwives at the matre do an amazing job.”

Another one said what – if we’re totally honest, some of the MFM team were thinking as soon as we saw this story –  ….”come on a signed photo lol I think they could have afforded more than that!! Even Marks & Spencer give more than that  xx”.

No free tickets for life though, 1D?!! Boo!

What do you think?

Can you pinpoint any particular song or singer that you think might have brought on your labour? Tell us in the comments below.

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